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Mill River Dinner Theater


Captain's Outrageous


Cast of Characters

Captain O'Michaels - Paul T. Kenney
 Head Nurse - Barbara Baptista
Dr. Windover - Doug Cameron
Bobbi - Michelle Langevin
Mr. Austin Oliver - Bob St. George
Sean O'Michaels - Christopher Judge


Directed by Chuck PetitBon

Executive Producer - Marcia PetitBon

Reviewed by Don Gillis, March 8, 2003

Captain O'Michaels is an impatient patient at Harborside General Hospital in Maryland. Describing himself as "S.O.B." (that's Sixty Or Better), he decides that after so many years of doing what others wanted him to do, he's going to start doing what he wants to do. That happens to include floating toy boats in a bedpan, playing his trumpet, and kidnapping an obnoxious bread manufacturer. All of this is to get attention from his lawyer son, but it incurs the young man's wrath and confirms his view that the old man is crazy. In the final confrontation between alienated father and son, young Sean learns a secret that changes his entire life. 

The Captain. played by Paul T. Kenney will keep you laughing the entire evening with his "outrageous antics" that he gets away with in a hospital room. Kenney has this role down pat and much of the stage time is his, so the audience is in for some belly laughs with his schemes .  He is supposed to be in the hospital for stomach problems - and is eventually sharing a room with the head of a bread manufacturer, Bob St. George who is not happy with not being able to obtain a private room.  He is subjected to Kenney's loud mouth and prank jokes, and eventually ends up a captive of Kenney's in the hospital bathroom. The two men obviously antagonize each other. Soon, a  shy budding lawyer, Bobbi, enters the room, and The Captain convinces her to draw up his will, and eventually is going to sue St. George because of contaminated bread!  The action never stops !. 

 The head nurse, Barbara Baptista, does a great job as she is constantly the "referee" either between St. George or Kenney! She throws shots of liquor in a potted plant every time Kenney attempts to take a "shot".  She has some great entrances and exits, and makes you laugh with her quips, and one liners that are so cleverly placed in the story.  Barbara delivers a fine performance.

Bob St. George plays his role with a commanding presence against Kenney's wild behavior.  Bob has all the right moves (except the wheelchair scene-what a riot).  He is especially good in his hospital bed when barking at Kenney to "SHUT UP!.  His answering of the telephone with Kenney on the other end - was priceless.  A great job by a fine actor!

Doug Cameron, as head of the hospital, will delight you with his comic timing and far out character portrayal of an administrator of a hospital.  Doug had the audience in stitches with his body contortions.  He was especially good in one scene where he had folders with the names of the patients - none of which were in the play.  He also bounds in and out of the play and convinced me that he was off-the-wall!

Christopher Judge  (Sean ) portrays the lawyer who is representing Austin Oliver.  Christopher does an excellent performance as the young 28 year old son of O'Michaels who is "caught" between Bobbi (Kenney's lawyer) and St. George.  You find out later that he has been dating Bobbi which does not help the situation with his "father" and his client.  Christopher was a great choice for this role - he looks like he could be a lawyer.  We have a surprise ending that I will not divulge - it would spoil the play.

Michelle Langevin  acted so natural and believable as the shy and budding lawyer - and made the role a believable one, with her actions and dialogue delivery.  Her portrayal won me over and I liked her performance a lot.  She didn't seem to have to "act" and just rolled into her role quite nicely.

If you want to see a zany and sometimes unbelievable comedy, get yourself a reservation at Mill River.  The food , company, and staff are just great! 

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Don Gillis, Little Rhody Theater

Captain's Outrageous ( March 7 - April 6, 2003)
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