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Mill River Dinner Theater


Directed by Chuck PetitBon

Ida - Darlene Mixer
Lucille - Evie Rayburg
Doris - Alice Springer
Sam - Bruce Becker
Mildred - Michelle Golda

Production Staff
Executive Producer/ Costumes  -Marcia PetitBon
Set Design- Chuck PetitBon
Set Construction - Chuck PetitBon, Jen Sevard, Douglas Cameron, Sara Dandurand, Ronald Shemick
Lighting / Sound Technicians - Jen Savard, Sara Dandurand
Announcer - Bill McMillan

Reviewed by Don Gillis, July 28, 2002

Three middle-aged Long Island women, recently widowed, meet each month to visit their late husbands' graves. Their friendship is interrupted when one of them meets a widower. Mill River  Dinner Theater audiences meet and become quite fond of Ida, Lucille, and Doris, in this witty comedy of three widows whose longtime friendship grows even deeper after the deaths of their husbands. They meet each week at the cemetery to visit their husbands' graves and seek consolation from each other.

 What happens when one of them meets an attractive widower? Well, it all begins here as Ida played by Darlene Mixer meets Sam, played by Bruce Becker.  Their attempt to establish a relationship however is sidetracked by the other two widow friends, Lucille , played by Evie Rayburg, and Doris, played by Alice Springer.

The three women in this production all have many lines which are quite witty and entertaining.  

Ida, played by Darlene Mixer,  is pondering whether she is doing the right thing by thinking about dating Sam only because her friends hassle her into that kind of thinking.  Darlene plays the role  nicely and her interactions with the other two women was top rate.   She has a powerful scene toward the end of the play when she discovers that her women friends had deliberately kept her from going to the friends wedding with Sam.  She has a very powerful monologue telling off her women friends.

Alice Springer plays the role of Doris who will NEVER forget her husband Abe.  She constantly talks about him as the three women visit the grave site each month.  She has no interest in another relationship and makes it quite well known what her intentions are.  Alice plays the role with a believability and you really feel for her plight.  

Evie Rayburg plays her role as Lucille with gusto and a non-stop laugh a minute one-liners.  She has some good lines and delivers them so well.  Her outfit for the wedding is a very pretty  beaded green taffeta ball gown, with a blond wig (her hair is red). Evie Rayburg is  a laugh riot as the only one of the women who does not miss her husband.  In fact she is constantly talking about and flirting with other men.  She even tries to make it with Sam, who really is interested in Ida.  

Sam, played by Bruce Becker delivers a mellow characterization of a Jewish butcher shop owner.  His voice was soft and he played the character quite nicely. His relationship with Ida was entertaining and he looked comfortable on stage.  

Rounding out this talented cast is Michelle Golda, Sam's date for the wedding they are all going to.  Michelle has some good lines, and quite a catchy laugh.

The meal , as always,  was wonderful, and the company in this intimate little theater is always warm and cheery.  So, if you have not been to Mill River - make reservations to see this cute play - its worth it! Reservations are required.


The Cemetery Club (July 26 - Aug 25th)
499 High Street
Central Falls, RI
401 - 721-0909