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Attleboro Community Theatre


Directed by Beverly Darling

Cast of Characters

(in order of appearance)

Lance Cpl Harold Dawson - Arthur "Ozzy" Osborne
Pfc. Louden Downey - Luke Riskalla
Lt j.g. Daniel Kaffee - Christopher Gaulin
Lt j.g. Sam Weinberg - Scott Domenici
Capt. Isaac Whitaker - Alex Aponte
Lt. Cmdr. Joanne Galloway - Kara Neymeyr
Dave / Sentry - Craig Pelletier
Capt Matthew Markinson - Doug Macaskill
Pfc. William Santiago - Brandon Aponte
Lt. Col Nathan Jessep - Rene Letourneau
Tom/ Cpl Thomas / MP - Joshua Braden
Lt. Jonathan Kendrick - Scott McKeating
MP / Orderly - Raymond Beltran
Lt. Jack Ross - Jonathan Dumont
Cpt. Dunn / MP - George McKay
Cpl. Hammaker / MP - Kevin Raiche
Cpt. Jeffrey Howard - Michael Regan
Sgt. at Arms / Sentry - David Blessinger
Capt. Julius Randolph - Jay Rezendes 
Cmdr. Walter Stone - Timothy Coogan


Cast Photo

Photo Credit :  Tony Annicone

Reviewed by Don Gillis, June 8, 2002


I guess I am one of the very few good men who have not seen the movie version of this wonderful play by Aaron Sorkin,  so this review is not a comparison of any actor in the movie version.  Most of my readers know that I spent most of my life in the Air Force and as such have a tender spot for all military personnel in all the branches of services.  This play gives the audience a great view of all four branches of the military, Army, Air Force, and especially the Navy and Marines.  For those of you not familiar with the plot its about a hotshot Navy lawyer who gets a murder case involving two Marines ( Lance Cpl Dawson and Pfc. Downey) stationed at the US Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  The Marines claim they were given an order to give a code red to a Pvt. Santiago and this particular code red went horribly wrong - Santiago dies.  For those of you who do not know what a code red is - its a type of punishment that men in the Marines give - in this case Santiago had broken the command and wasn't living the marine code: "Unit, Corps, God, Country."


Christopher Gaulin is the hot shot,  green behind the ears,  Navy defense lawyer,  Lt.j.g. Daniel Kafee,  who is supposedly following in his father's footsteps.  Kafee approaches this case like every other case he has worked on, and attempts to cop a plea bargain.  The marines refuse to accept this line of defense maintaining they were ordered to give the marine whom they are accused of murdering a "code red" which resulted in the marines death.  If what the defendants are saying is the truth, then they are innocent, and Kafee has to tackle the case head on  saddled with a talkative Internal Affairs Officer, Lt Comdr. Joanne Galloway played by  Kara Neymeyr.


Rene Letourneau played the tough Lt. Col Nathan Jessep, Commander of the Marine base who is in control and doesn't give a "bleep" about what anyone thinks. He expects the rules to be followed no matter what the consequences might be. Letourneau commands the stage as the Marine Commander who truly believes that he did no wrong and could care less if anyone else thinks he has.  He really gives a tour de force performance in the courtroom scene - head to head with Gaulin - both were magnificent!.


Dawson and Downey will keep you rived on them as they are handcuffed throughout the show .Arthur "Ozzy" Osborne  as Dawson  was exceptional with his Marine delivery of Yes, sir!! and his military bearing was top notch.  Luke Riskalla as Downey provides us with a portrayal of the younger soldier - unsure of what will happen to his life.  The end scene will keep you glued to the stage with all actors in complete control.  It was amazing! Who needs movies??


There are many, many  other outstanding performances by this talented cast of 20 some playing dual roles.  The military uniforms were meticulous and the military bearing was right on target by all the cast..  Kudo's to Director Beverly Darling and her talented cast and crew for a truly outstanding production!.  Don't miss this wonderfully entertaining  show - I doubt that you will be sorry for the experience. Reservations are required. 

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Don Gillis
MSgt, USAF  (Ret) 


A Few Good Men
Attleboro Community Players (till June23, 2002)
Attleboro Area Industrial Museum
42 Union Street
Attleboro, MA
1 (508) 226-8100

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