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Newport Playhouse and Cabaret Restaurant


Lone Star Love Potion

Directed by Kate Radin

A Matt Siravo Production

Cast (in order of appearance)

Melody - Alicia Marie Rivera
Jarvis - Michael Gregory Johnson
Patrice  Leadly- Sandra Nicastro
Michael Leadly - Jason Heywood
Mr. Oakfield - Tony Annicone
Tammy-Jo Harper - Judy Mailloux
Mary Lou Winston - Henryce Zannini

Left to right on stairs 
Alicia Marie Rivera, Henryce Zannini, Judy Mailloux, Sandra Nicastro, Jason Heywood
front (left to right)
Michael Gregory Johnson, Tony Annicone


Reviewed by Don Gillis, August 26, 2002

The play involves the will of deceased Mr. Stancliff, the owner of a vast fortune and a 200,000 acre Texas ranch. His long-time butler, Jarvis played by the hilarious Michael Gregory Johnson, an alluring maid named Melody played by Alicia Marie Rivera, and the rancher's only living relative, his niece Patrice played by Sandra Nicastro, who is accompanied by her husband Michael played by Jason Heywood, are gathered for the reading of the will by the family lawyer, Mr. Oakfield played by Tony Annicone. Oddly, a Miss Tammy-Jo Harper (Judy Mailloux) along with her  friend Mary Lou Winston (Henryce Zannini) from the neighboring ranch have also been invited. As expected, Patrice inherits the estate. Jarvis, acting on instructions from Mr. Stancliff, then produces a formula and a  sample of what is reputed to be a love potion. Does it work? Before long, everyone is sipping the potion with hilarious results. 

As the audience attempts to figure out whether the potion works or is a ruse, they are drawn into a hilarious mixture of mystery and comedy. The flow of characters in and out doors and from under the bed reaches a frenetic pace before the truth is revealed in a surprise ending.

This outstanding cast wowed the audience last night with a belly laughing show.  Their antics throughout this very funny comedy was a hoot. The play moves so fast that you never have time to really think about what just happened when something else happens.  Audience members gave this fine cast a standing ovation at the conclusion of this very funny comedy.

Performances by each cast member deserve to be mentioned, so I am going to tell you what I saw.  First on stage is Alicia who is very clumsy for a maid.  She spills just about everything she picks up. And her scenes with Jason are wild!

 Then there is Jarvis, the faithful butler, so aptly played by Michael Johnson, who I understand only had 8 days to learn this part..  He was just right for the part, and his diction and mannerisms as a butler were so very well acted.  Nice job, Michael!

Sandra Nicastro never fails to give you a great performance.  I have seen her a number of times, and she is such a talented actress. She has all the right expressions and you really get to love her character, and her performance! When Sandra is on stage - she always grabs your attention - even if she has no lines - her facial expressions are priceless!.

Jason Heywood plays the dirty old hound dog of a husband who is flirting with Melody mostly, but eventually is allured to attraction by the other two women.  Jason has the audience in stitches with his horniness as he is quite frequently smacked in the family jewels by the women when trying to make unwanted advances, especially with Alicia.  His antics on stage grabbing his bruised genitals was clearly a crowd pleaser - the cowboy who would not quit.! 

Tony Annicone plays the staunch stuffy lawyer, until we find out he is having Thursday afternoon sex sessions with Patrice!  The two of them hiding under the mattress blanket scene is a hoot, as well as Tony's scene's grabbing Sandra in the rump calling her snookums,  and when he has to get to the bathroom  (doubled up in pain holding on to himself)  desperately trying to reach the bathroom before the women get there - its a riot!  His performance was especially delightful, and as always gives the audience 100%.  What a trooper - this is his 58th production!  Tony and Sandra work so well together! 

The other two women added  fuel to the fire so to speak and Judy Mailloux, as Tammy and her ranch neighbor, Henryce Zannini have many super scenes with the men in this production.  They were quite good - especially the love potion scenes with the men.  Hilarious! Does the love potion work - I'm not telling!!!

These actors will have you in stitches all evening which goes by very fast incidentally. So for a terrific meal and a wonderfully entertaining comedy and cabaret after - call the theater box office for tickets.  Great show!   You cannot beat Newport Playhouse!

Cabaret Cast:

Kyle Medieros
Jason Heywood
Tom Lavallee
Michael Gregory Johnson
Nishan Lawton
*Judy Mailloux
Henryce Zannini
Sandra Nicastro
Alicia Marie Rivera
Michelle Pierson

*When she sings "My Man"  - you will get chills down your spine!  WOW!

Directed by Matt Siravo & Kyle Medieros
Musical Director:  Ron Procopio
Percussionist:  Janelle Roussel
Costumes:  Patty Mott


Newport Playhouse and Cabaret Restaurant
Lone Star Love Potion (Ends September 29th,2002)
102-104 Connell Highway
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 848-7529

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Don Gillis
Little Rhody Theater